How to Build CTV without Hurting People

‘VIDEO’ How To Build CTV’s Without Hurting People or Killing Whales

This might be the single most important article/video/Vlog I’ve ever produced.
It needs to be said and it needs to be said now before it’s too late. I might use a bit of strong language, but the simple fact is it needs to be said. Offshore Wind is coming and boats need to be built.

There is no such thing as a “One-Size-Fits-All” service vessel and the North East Atlantic is no place to fool around. I’ve lost way too many friends not far from where the Offshore Wind Farms are going and I’d much rather be called a few names than see people get hurt.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

1 thought on “‘VIDEO’ How To Build CTV’s Without Hurting People or Killing Whales”

  1. Paul
    You bring up some great points. Having been bounced around inside aluminium boats versus riding the seas in steel, the difference is something like bodies bouncing around like popcorn in a kettle versus swaying back and forth. If your audience has ever ridden both in heavy seas they understand. And yes just the concussion from hitting ceilings, floors and walls will kill someone or even worse be lost at sea. Ialso concur that a 65 or so foot boat (especially aluminium) and the Atlantic do not mix. That is from my personal experienve in the mid to South Atlantic coast and countless days of work over 30 years.

    Our 140-220 foot supply boats have comparable fuel efficiency to the much smaller jet drives yet have seakeeping capacity well beyond them.

    Thank you for bringing up the safety aspect.

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