Offshore Wind Service Vessel

Local Fishermen Performing Scout Boat Services For Offshore Wind Cable Routes

Offshore Wind is proving to be a Godsend to fishermen who have been struggling because of climate change, fishing regulations, permit consolidation and the COVID disaster of 2020.

Thanks to Offshore Wind, many fishermen are getting a second chance at remaining on the water and maintain their identity as mariners.

Equinor Wind recognizes the importance of “Hiring Local” and has requested we help them locate a New York fishermen to provide scout boat services for the next few months in Long Island Sound. The mission: mapping out and identifying any and all fixed fishing gear before the big survey vessel enters into the area.

Scout boats perform a very valuable service and go a long way in promoting public perception. Scout Boats work out well for everyone.
Offshore Wind developers get work done without incident, fishermen get to keep their identity as mariners and remain on the water and soon millions of homes will be powered by renewable energy!

Equinor Offshore Wind is a great company to work with. The are one of four developers who really recognize the importance of hiring local and we feel very fortunate to have earned their business.”

Paul Forsberg – Co-Founder Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC

There are 17 different Offshore Wind Farms under development on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA and Equinor Wind is one of four developers who recognize the importance of real time LOCAL communication between fishermen and developers. 

Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC has been providing Certified Fisheries Liaison Officers and Scout Boats for their survey vessels since late summer of 2020 and continuing into 2021.

To date, there have been ZERO negative interactions with any mariners whatsoever. In fact, we get regular “Thank you calls, texts and emails” from mariners who have been in the same area as survey operations. 

New for this 2021: any of our CFLO’s have been cross trained as PSO (Protected Species Observers) to further enhance protection and observation of Marine Mammals 

  • Certified Fisheries Liaisons -have multiple years of experience. Virtually all of them began their fishing careers as “Greenhorns” and worked their way up to Captain
  • Our CFLO’s are well known and respected within the fishing community

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