Trans-Atlantic Cable Survey Off Jersey Shore

Worldwide Communications rely on Trans-Atlantic cables running from one country to another, and because of the nearby proximity infrastructure the New York / New Jersey area has plenty of them.

Transatlantic Telecommunication Cable Begins at NJ and Ends up in Europe!

Be advised the Survey Vessel TIME and TIDE is, and will be performing geophysical survey operations in State and Federal waters along potential export cable corridors from early May to early July. The activity will involve towed survey equipment and the vessel will be restricted in her maneuverability.

US Flagged Survey Vessel “Time and Tide” will be performing Survey operations from near shore State Waters out to Federal Waters. At all times the vessel will be monitoring VHF channels 16/13.

FLO will be on the lookout for fixed fishing gear and real time communications with fisherman.

PSO’s (Protected Species Observers) will also be on the lookout for Whales, turtles, and other protected species.

In the interest of timely, professional and accurate communications, the vessel will have a Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO) onboard at all times.

Protected Species Observers (PSOs) are also onboard the survey vessel. 

The Team will provide fisheries briefings as appropriate to survey vessel crew and continue communications with the fishing community to help avoid and/or minimize the potential for interactions with fishing operations and/or gear. 

Scout vessels will be deployed as necessary. Survey and scout vessels can be hailed directly via VHF (CH 16) or by contacting the fisheries team.

Mariners transiting or fishing in the survey area are requested to give a safe passing zone of ½ mile or more if possible.
When working the Survey vessel is restricted in her maneuverability. We thank everyone in advance for professional and courteous marine operations.