Local Fishermen Working in Offshore Wind Provide Valuable Service

Offshore Wind Farm Support is proud to announce the placement of seasoned, experienced, and knowledgeable fisherman known as “Certified Fisheries Liaison Officer” onboard the Survey Vessel Westerly for US Wind.

The Westerly will be performing high resolution geophysical survey operations in the near shore environment off the Atlantic coast of Delaware.

US Wind is developing an Offshore Wind Farm that can support approximately 2,000MW of clean domestic power, that could ultimately power nearly 700,000 homes in the DelMarVa region.

“US Wind recognizes the importance of having experienced fishermen onboard survey vessels so they can communicate directly and in real-time with fishing vessels and mariners during survey activities. Mitch Parker is the CFLO onboard the Westerly – he has many years of experience commercial fishing with extensive experience in fixed gear, lobster, conch and crab fishing,” says Paul Forsberg

There are 17 different Offshore Wind Farms under development on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA and US Wind is one of four developers who recognize the importance of real time communication between fishermen and developers.

US Wind is a great company to work with, and we feel very fortunate to have earned their business,” says Troya Forsberg / CEO of Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC.

Between 2019 and 2021, our CFLO’s covered over 220,000 km of survey area with over 1,400 crossing situations and have ZERO negative interactions claims Paul Forsberg – operations manager. All of our Fisheries Liaisons are Certified, are well known and respected within the fishing community, have undergone extensive safety training, and have many years of experience on fishing vessels.

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About Offshore Wind Farm Support

Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC is an American, Woman Owned Small Business, providing both “Boots on the Ground Services” and remote support to Offshore Wind / Personnel / Logistical Services / Supply Chain Management ~ Hiring and Training Local Content

It is our intent to create a simple, efficient, non-intimidating access for local fishermen and their communities if they desire to be part of this energy industry.   This includes, offering ways to get involved, at many levels, in the early stages of Offshore Wind Industry on the Eastern seaboard. We will support onshore services as well as offshore positions, to better support livelihoods that may have changed during the last few years as renewable energy has taken a place in the country.