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Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC is a Support & Service company for the Offshore Wind industry.

We are a group of marine professionals experienced in Commercial Fishing, Sport Fishing and Ferry Boat operations in the North East. We are comprised of Generational/Legacy familial businesses and board members with decades of experience in Offshore Oil Supply operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our contacts are vast and our industry knowledge is extensive.

Recognizing the need for employee and logistical support services with local water experience, it is prudent to combine that expertise, contacts and social influences to the Offshore Wind industry and it is our intent to be known as the “Go To” company for any services that may be needed. “One Call Does It All”



  • Troy A. Forsberg President
  • Paul B Forsberg VP/ General Partner
  • Melissa Williams – Secretary Human Resources
  • Kira Patricia – Public Relations / Social Media
  • Drew Forsberg – Government Relations / Logistics Oversight
  • Chase Oloughlin – Communications / Technology

Elwood Lee – Vessel Inspections / Safety Training
Elwood Lee has been in the Commercial Fishing and Oil Supply business for over 40 years. With an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the Oil Supply business, Elwood will oversee safety training and inspections for personnel and vessels.

Tony Grala – Logistics
As a detail oriented and follow up specialist Tony provides strict accountability for himself and team members  From 1972-1985 Tony handled the operation of a bus fleet that catered to the daily transportation needs of 200+ handicapped children. His extensive knowledge from bidding on contracts, planning routes to mechanical maintenance will make him an indispensable member of the team in overseeing the logistics and scheduling for Observers and vessels. He will be overseeing logistics and scheduling for Observers and vessels.

Board Members/ Advisors:

Paul G. Forsberg – Broad Based Social Influence
Paul is the owner of Viking Fishing Fleet and Ferry Lines out of Montauk, NY, New Bedford Mass, and Tarpon Springs, Fl.  With over 65 years of influence in the North East, he excels at providing good will within the fishing community and utilizing an extensive location network for any type of vessels, key personnel and outfitters that might be needed.

Carl B. Forsberg – Local Contacts and Social Influence
Carl is Operations and Captain at the Viking Fleet Montauk, NY. He is well known and respect in the fishing industry, has local following and is active in fisheries associations. With his finger on the pulse of the fishing community he can bring and share vital information with regard to being an Influencer in the industry.

Steven D & Steven N Forsberg (aka “The Stevens”)
Steven D. Forsberg and his son Steven N. Forsberg are both legendary in their fishing knowledge, very well known and highly respected within the fishing community. Their positive endorsement and influence can bring an enormous amount of good will multiple user groups. Commercial Fishing. Passenger Fishing. Sportfishing.

Dr. Artie Kopleman – PSO
Artie Kopelman retiree from teaching at the SUNY College. Artie is operational in marine mammal observations (Whale Watching, Seal Watching, Bald Eagle excursions, etc) He is a designated individual for any managerial position in a PSO program, to take from his leadership in the aforementioned observational structure for any offshore data collecting and needs for industry standards to be met. He will provide vetted, qualified and local PSO’s to include a broad spectrum of talents from professors, interns, former fishing industry personnel as well as scientists and students.

Phil Cursio – Legal
Phil has been a well known and respected attorney in the fishing community and his services will be utilized in contracts and agreements for vessel charters and agreements. Some human resources documentation and industry specific issues may derive from this office.


Insurance Coverage, Vessel Safety Inspections and Training: Having dealt with Coast Guard Inspections, Cold Water Survival and various safety requirements in the Gulf Oil Field, we provide training and inspections, as well as for US Coast Guard hull and safety inspections insuring  all vessels are safe and personnel are trained.

OFFSHORE FISHERIES LIAISONS: We have a network of experienced local captains, deckhands and fishermen (some of whom who may have recently changed industries in part due to government fishing regulations). They are available for positions as Offshore Fisheries Liaisons. This keeps qualified individuals and their ability to utilize their knowledge to the benefit the wind farm industry as well as, other fishermen and their families. Our Liaisons are individually interviewed, and vetted based on their experience, qualifications and personality.

  • Experience speaks for itself. Knowledge about vessels and fishing gear, navigation and the ability to talk on the radio as necessary to communicate with fishing boats in the area. Offshore Wind Farms have been experiencing friction from local fishermen and to have a local person with experience and the ability to speak directly into a community, will go a long way in quieting the pushback and providing a more positive experience.
  • Qualifications: Documentation is important and basic computer and word processing skills along with the ability to operate a camera and take pictures for documentation is important.  ALL OFL’s will be trained and knowledgeable with the plotting program used during survey work.
  • Personality: Living on a vessel can sometimes challenge people with varying levels of expertise, jobs descriptions and personalities. It makes it vitally important to place the right personality for trip contract.

We take pride in the fact that we personally interview and “vet” EVERYONE who works with us in any capacity.


Support Vessels: We own or have access to many different types of vessels that may be of service to the wind farms.

  • Security Vessels: can be placed into service immediately and we can access our network of boat owners for total coast locations for a specific vessel that might be needed.
  • Dignitary Type Vessels: From time to time politicians, business executives and international dignitary’s may want to visit the Wind Farms and we have access to “non work -a- day” Coast Guard Inspected vessels, that can pick up and deliver such individuals,  wherever is needed. This includes any special accommodations for events that may also be necessary.
  • Fast Crew Boats & Supply Vessels: We specialize in catamaran vessels meant to expeditiously run supplies to and from construction sites, supply oil, fuel, water and food to survey and construction vessels. This includes performing crew changes to keep the boats working without downtime.
  • Commercial Vessels: Ideal for Fisheries Research, Subsea testing and Bollard Pull.
    We have numerous contacts within the fishing community and can bring in commercial fishing boats for various projects in area where licensure and coast guard inspections are not needed. With logistical support and management experience from the Gulf Oil field operations for decades, we provide vessels, lend advice and make suggestions on how to improve efficiency during the construction.   Commercial vessels must pass a USCG safety Inspection to assure proper safety equipment is onboard, up to date and operational.

EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTION CONSULTING: All of our board members, advisors and owners have many years of experience in the Maine field. Fishing, Ferries, Oil Supply, Logistics, Management, Political Influence and more. Combined, our experience can deliver unique insight and skills that can be tapped into for increased efficiency, cutting costs and enhanced relationships within the fishing community.

Paul is an accomplished confident and charismatic speaker and an expert in different marine areas of offshore wind. He is aways available to talk to the media on behalf of the Offshore Wind Industry.

“Public outreach and media relations is important and I am always willing to make time for interviews.”

Paul Forsberg

If you’re looking for a confident speaker with “boots on the ground” experience in the development of Offshore wind and fishing, experts in different areas of offshore wind, we have confident speakers who are willing to make themselves available to talk to the media on behalf of Offshore Wind.