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Large Inventory of Vessels Heavy Lift. Geotechnical and Geophysical Survey, Scout, Security and Launch Services.

Scout & Security Vessels

We have a HUGE Network of USCG Inspected fishing vessels up and down the coast ready to go to work.

Port Agent and Logistics

We Provide Local Port Agents To Help Your Boats, Captains, And Crews Get In And Out Quickly.

Complete Logistical Services

Boats don't make money when they are in port - they lose it. We have a network of Port Agents to help you in every way conceivable.
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Social Influence

In The Digital Age, Social Media Influence Is EVERYTHING!

Local Social influence

We Ensure Positive Interactions With Local Communities And Can Influence Perceptions with Careful Conversations. Don't Worry, We've Always Got You Covered!
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Marine Services and Support
For The US Offshore Wind Industry
Logistics - Personnel - Vessel Management and More! 

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Welcome To Our Company - "We Are Here To Help!"

Hi my name is Troy - My husband Paul was captain on a big boat performing survey work for an Offshore Wind Company and every day, he would point out changes, challenges and opportunities he saw in the Offshore Wind Farms off of New England. 

After listening to him go on and on for a few months, I got the idea to start Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC so we could work together and help the Offshore Wind Industry and provide jobs to local mariners who have been struggling. 

We are a husband and wife team. I take care of day to day operations behind the scenes and Paul handles all of the "Boots on the Ground" stuff. When you call our office, you don't get a faceless voice behind a switchboard somewhere, you get one of the owners of the company. Take a look at our website and if there is anything we can do for you or service we can provide, feel free to give us a call!

Offshore Wind Farm Support provides a range of services to offshore wind development similar to event planners at a wedding.

There is no need to bring vessels and crews from overseas when we have them here in the US ready to go. We have access to a wide variety of Jones Act vessels and can provide local marine and project crews as needed.

  • We can help locate Jones Act compliant survey vessels for geophysical, geotechnical and other surveys.
  •  USCG Inspected: Scout Vessels, Crew Transfer Vessels, Support Vessels, Supply Vessels and more. 
  • We have an extensive network of local captains and crew and have unrivaled relationships within the fishing communities which will prove vital in terms of seeking their support.
  • When it comes to local logistical support, we have a team of LOCAL Port Agents that will make your job easy and help with “Look and Shop Local First” politics. 

Give Us A Call So We Can Discuss your Needs and Discover How We Can Help You.

  • Vessel provisioning as-needed (all Jones Act compliant)
  • Crewing (look local first)
  • Compliance (certificates, safety, etc.)
  • Offshore construction personnel (Union US-based jobs)
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Much more

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