Marine Affairs

We formed our company specifically for providing Support Services to the Offshore Wind Industry on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

We have a network of representatives with extensive marine knowledge in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia representing vessel owners, sub sea survey companies and Offshore Wind Developers throughout the eastern seaboard.

Our team members in the respective ports are on 24/365 days stand-by, in order to be your first contact for any kind of assistance.

We provide a smooth and (cost) effective port call. Our dedicated and professional operators are fully familiar with:

Vessel Owner AgencyVessel Charter’s Agency
Warehousing and DeliveryVessel Repair Coordinaion
Crew ChangesLodging and Transportation
BunkeringFood and Supplies

Our port agents come from working multiple years in the marine industry up and down the coast so the list of basic service’s we offer are extensive and we can provide assistance within any circumstance that may arise on the waterfront.

If Our Guys Don’t Know The Answer, They Certainly Know Someone Who Does.

We pride ourselves in the flexibility we have to offer as a company and the ability to utilize the contacts and respect of our vendors in any situation. We are here to provide a level of service that allows peace of mind and trust to our customer’s.

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