One-Of-A-Kind Research Vessel Ready To Work in Offshore Wind. Sea Bird, Marine Mammal, Rod & Reel  Fisheries Research

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One-Of-A-Kind Research Vessel Ready to Work in Offshore Wind. The Perfect Platform for Sea Bird, Marine Mammal, Rod & Reel  Fisheries Research.

Offshore Wind Fisheries and Environmental Research Studies for before, during and after construction will be a long-time endeavor and a tremendous amount of work has been invested in this vessel to make her a “One-Of-A-Kind” Gem.

Extensive Upgrades and Modifications in 2021 to Meet Current USCG and CMID Safety Standards for Offshore Wind.

Vessel NameVikingGPSYes
Vessel TypePassenger Fishing/ ResearchRadarYes
State RegisteredMontauk, NYPlotterYes
ClassificationFishingSatellite / Cell PhoneYes
Official Number551453VHFYes
USCG / COIYesDepth RecorderYes
# Passengers112AIS   Yes
Year Built1973 / 2021
Type of Construction Aluminum
Length85’Main Engine(s)GM
Width24’Brake Horsepower1100
Depth Molded8.5’Generators2
Light Draft4.5’Bow ThrustersNo
Loaded Draft6.5’Pot/Gillnet HaulerYes – Bow
Main Deck AreaAmpleMax Speed20kt
Main deck DimensionsWalk around deck with large aft work area Cruise Speed10kt
Full Galley YesAvailable May 1, 2022Year Round
Bunks20 +3 crewMore Info Call (321) 427-4100
3 Point  Anchor SystemEnabling “Pin-Point-Accuracy” for maneuvering the vessel and camera equipment exactly where it is supposed to be, without risk of getting cables wrapped up in propellers or rudders as frequently happens with vessels operating with DP.
Ample Room For Underwater Camera DeploymentVessel has a large back deck and good clearance all around the cabin area for fishing or underwater camera operations for before, during and after Video Documentation of wind turbine locations.
CMID SurveyCommon Marine Inspection Document: Is a standard format for the inspection and auditing of offshore vessels. CMID safety surveys are required for all vessels working in the Offshore Wind Industry.
FAST – 20 kt Speed if RequiredVessel can go from one location to another in about half the time as it would take a regular commercial vessel. If in the event of a collision with a marine mammal, or sighting of North American Right Whale, the vessel can quickly be on site to monitor.
Federal Fisheries PermitPermitted Fishing Vessel as per NOAA, (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration).  
HUGE Observation Deck360 Degree Unencumbered Observation Deck 16’ Above Sea Level. Perfect for Protected Species and Atlantic Seabird Observation and Research. 
Walk Around Deck IDEAL for Hook and Line Fisheries Research / Before, During and After Construction.
Shallow draftEliminate Logistical Challenges. This vessel will fit in almost any port on the easter seaboard and can come dockside in almost any marina.
Sleeps 20Vessel is Fully Capable of Comfortably Remaining at sea for 7 – 10 days. Air Conditioned & Heated cabin for living comfort in summer and winter. 
USCG InspectedUnited States Coast Guard Marine Safety Inspection. Coast Guard Safety Inspections are performed annually.
Fuel EfficientVessel configuration makes her very economical to run at slow speeds. 
Wide Beam for Stable RideVessel was built to take passengers deep sea fishing in the North Atlantic and special attention and design went into hull configuration for a stable ride. 
WOSBVessel is managed by Woman Owned Small Business.