Offshore Wind Service Vessel

It’s Been An AMAZING 2020

What a Difference a Year Makes! 

From Captain on an Offshore Wind Survey Vessel To The Largest Source Provider On The Eastern Seaboard For Offshore Wind Development.

  • 18 months ago I was a captain on an Offshore Wind Survey Vessel. I couldn’t help but notice the opportunities coming available for local fishermen and began an information hunt myself.
  • 12 months ago my wife Troy and I launched Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC with $50, a cell phone, a laptop and an idea. (Dream)
  • 7 months ago we placed our first Offshore Fisheries Liaison (me) on a survey vessel and we haven’t looked back.
  • 3 months ago we had EIGHT Fisheries Liaisons Offshore and TWO vessels providing scout and security work.

People came out of the woodwork helping us build Offshore Wind Farm Support so they could become involved in the Offshore Wind Industry. With their help, we now have, what I believe to be the largest selection of inventory, mariners, and USCG Inspected / Jones Act Compliant Vessels on the eastern seaboard of the United States looking to get involved in Offshore Wind.

  • Multiple Experienced Mariners are interested in working in the Offshore Wind Industry. (If you are a developer or Tier 1 or 2 service provider in need of local employer and talent, give us a call. If you are a mariner looking to get into Offshore Wind, contact us and we will help you get started in this exciting new industry.)
  • Many USCG Inspected Vessels with Licensed Captains and Experienced Crew anxious to get involved in Offshore Wind. (If you are a developer or Tier 1 or 2 service provider in need of Scout and or Security Vessels with local boats, captains and crews give us a call.)
  • Dozens of Jones Act Compliant Work Vessels up to 260′ that are perfectly capable of performing Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey Work.


We now have Port Agents and Logistical Service Experts strategically located from Maine to Virginia to provide support services to any and all vessels involved in Offshore Wind. Below is an interactive map so you can zoom in or out and drill down into specific states, ports and locations.

About Us ….

Offshore Wind Farm Support is a Support Services company for the Offshore Wind industry in the North Eastern Section of the United States.

With over 40 years of experience in the marine field, (e.g. Commercial Fishing, Marina Ownership, For Hire Fishing, Offshore Oil Supply, Ferry boats and Offshore Wind Survey Vessels) has provided our team with a vast amount of experience.

  • Onboard Fisheries Liaisons 
  • Fisheries Liaison & Stakeholder
  • Outreach Onboard Fisheries Liaisons
  • Personnel – vetted background and medical qualifiers
  • Logistics, provisions, ancillary services by quote.
  • USCG and Jones Act Compliance
  • Fast Crew and Supply Vessels
  • Security & Scout Vessels.

IT IS OUR GOAL to provide services and develop win/win business relationships between Offshore Wind Developers and all other stakeholders in the Marine Field.

We are a company organized by fishermen for fishermen who would like to get involved with and to provide services to the Offshore Wind Industry.
Our contacts are vast and our industry knowledge is extensive. It is our intent to become the “Go To” company for any services that may be needed by the Offshore Wind Farms.

Feel Free To Contact Us And Explore How We Can Help You Locate & Hire
Jones Act Compliant Work Vessels and Local Personnel
Get a Career In Offshore Wind

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