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Offshore Wind – A Savior To Struggling Fishing Communities

Offshore Wind Farms might be the light at the end of a very long tunnel for fishermen who have been forced off the water by the demise of the fish stocks and regulations.

With the demise of the fishing business many fishermen have been forced from the water to work in jobs they just don’t like.

  • Construction (banging nails)
  • Painting Houses
  • Landscaping
  • Other Land Based Service Jobs

They have been forced into because the lifestyles they grew up in and have identified with for years and for some, generations have been changed!

I know this from personal experience because I grew up in the fishing business and got regulated out of it.
While I became financially successful in real estate, I was miserable working on land. I felt I had lost my identity and missed the water so bad as only a boatman can understand.
I am thrilled to be back on the water in the Offshore Wind Field.

The coming offshore windfarm jobs will give these people an opportunity to get back on the water and live the lifestyle they identify with.

It has been well established in numerous social science studies, working on the water (fishing) is more than a job; it is an identity and a lifestyle.

It’s the lifestyle that attracts a certain type of person to the water and after fishing for a while it becomes part of our identity and it is what a fishermen values above all.
“We’re Boatmen”

But over the past 25 years or so, with over-fishing and government regulations, fishing isn’t providing the type of lifestyle that many would like or can hand down to future generations.

That’s where Wind Farms can save the day (and maybe the planet!)

The offshore wind industry in the United States is growing exponentially, with multiple projects in the development stages off of the Atlantic coast and is a perfect opportunity for “fishermen” to remain in the marine industry and retain their identity as “men of the water”

This article written by Joan Bondareff on November 18, 2019 and published on Marinelink does a great job of explaining the coming opportunity.

The U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Development is EXPLODING and Reports Estimate Over 40,000 NEW JOBS
Will Be Created By 2030!

The new jobs anticipated to support the offshore wind industry include a wide range of types, including Boats, boatmen and seafarers! (“Men of the Water”).

You can take a man off the water - but you can never take the water out of the man.
You can take a man off the boat – but you can never take the boat out of the man.

Wind turbine technician has been one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States in recent years. The educational requirements for these new jobs also varies widely from high school diploma to Ph.D. To learn more about the requirements and opportunities please click here!

Here is the HUGE opportunity for displaced fishermen and their families to keep their identity, enjoy the “waterman” lifestyle.  


It’s quite obvious that the United States will not have an adequately trained workforce of “Water-men” capable to support offshore wind farm development, construction, and maintenance, and this will provide a whole new world of opportunities for struggling fishermen and fishing communities

Heck there is a shortage in the wind energy workforce on land-based wind farms. Put these things on the water and you create a huge opportunity for “men of the water”.

“At Offshore Wind Farm Support, we’ll continue to monitor for opportunities to assist Off Shore Wind Farming with public relations, community out reach and education, digital marketing, and more…

if you’d like to know more contact at 601-SEA-WIND and learn more about how you, or someone you know, can get involved on this “Ground Floor” opportunity, Click Here.

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