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Unintended Consequences of Offshore Wind Farms?

WARNING – If you’re an Anti-Wind Farmer on blood pressure medication, you might want to take a couple pills before reading this.

Can Offshore Wind Farms Grow Into Ocean Reefs?

You Bet They Can Because It’s Already Happening!

It’s No Secret...
The Gulf of Mexico was mostly a desert until the Offshore Oil Platforms arrived and now platforms are home to some of the best fishing in the world.

Sport fishing enthusiasts travel from all over the world to fish the Offshore Oil and Gas platforms. The rigs have transformed the Gulf of Mexico into a World Famous sport fishing paradise and people travel clear across the globe to fish them.

There is no reason whatsoever to think it’s not going to happen with the Wind Farm Platforms in the Northeast.

The proof is in the pudding. All you need to do is take a few steps back and look at what the Oil Platforms have done to for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and then take an ‘honest’ look at what is already happening at the Block Island Wind Farm area.

The Block Island platforms began holding fish almost immediately and as more marine growth happens, the more fish are attracted.

Having personally spent quite few years running Offshore Oil Supply boats in the Gulf of Mexico, I’ve had the opportunity to personally fish many of the platforms for Snapper and Grouper and I can tell you from first-hand experience they are loaded. If one rig isn’t holding fish, simply jump to the next and you’ll find them.

It’s as close to a Guarantee in fishing as you can possibly get, and many of the charter boats sailing out of the Florida Panhandle all the way to Texas offer a Money Back Guarantee. Something unheard of elsewhere.

The rigs hold bottom fish year round and in the summer months, pelagic fish such as Tuna, Swordfish, King Mackerel, Giant Amberjack and Wahoo are abundant. Believe me when I tell you – certain times of the year the fishing is insane!

The unintended consequences of the Oil Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico (structure) provide some of the most productive underwater habitat on earth and have created exceptional opportunities for recreational anglers and divers.

The platforms at Block Island were holding fish almost immediately and now that they are getting growth, they are holding LOTS of fish!

  • I’ve seen videos from spearfishing friends
  • I’ve seen videos from recreational diver friends
  • I’ve heard live testimony from really well known fishermen who have told me in strict confidence that the platforms are loaded with fish.

Check Out This Video and See For Yourself

Passengers Having a Great Day Fishing at the Block Island Wind Farm

Look – I’m 61 years old and have been around the water my entire life. (I have the scars to prove it.)

Both of my grandfathers were fishermen and so is my dad.
I was, my brother is, one of my sons is, one of my nephews is, and 3 or 4 of my cousins are. So when I say fishing is in the family and I grew up in it, I did.

I remember the old days because I grew up in them. I saw it with my own eyes and lived it for a lot of years.

My grandfather was the first to take people fishing to Coxes Ledge and build a small fishing empire around it.

Back in the day, these wrecks were loaded with Cod and Pollack, and my father built a 105’ boat to take people out fishing on them.

The structure the Andrea Doria and the other wrecks were havens for fish. Unfortunately, the wrecks got covered up with nets and they don’t hold fish anymore.

What Does a Wreck or an Oil Platform
Have To Do With Wind Platforms?


The Offshore Wind Platforms will create an amazing amount of structure that will attract and hold millions upon millions of fish.

In fact, the Offshore Wind Farms just might turn out to be some of the most productive man-made artificial reef structure in the world!

Take a look at the Block Island Wind Farm now … The platforms are literally covered with mussels and anglers are catching Cod, Sea Bass, Scup, Tautog and an occasional Haddock on them and in the summer months, Bluefish, Stripped Bass and Mahi-Mahi!

Here is another video of a Block Island Fisherman.
His business is growing by leaps and bounds
because of them.

Block Island Fishing Community is Thriving

You put these Platforms south of Martha’s Vineyard in areas that traditionally used to hold Giant Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish and White Marlin in the summer months …. There’s no telling what kind of fish will show up in the Offshore Wind Farms when a warm pocket of water spins off of the Gulf Stream!

Never mind the bottom fish such as Cod, Pollack, Haddock and Hake, Seabass and others that will live there.

Am I missing something? Because for the life if me I can’t see a negative.

So I encourage you Anti-Wind Farmers to take a step back and look at the Irrefutable and Undeniable Evidence of the Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and Block Island Wind Platforms and you will see as I do the magnificent opportunity for recreational and for hire fishing industry as long as it is developed responsibly.

As for the commercial fishermen, they will benefit greatly too. There will be lots of fish swimming between Offshore Wind Farm platforms.

Long Story short, besides providing renewable energy, the Offshore Wind Farms will spin off the unintended consequences of magnificent fishing and many more fishing jobs.

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