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Congratulations Vineyard Wind!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO VINEYARD WIND! Vineyard Wind has received final approval to begin construction on the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm. Construction is expected to begin this summer and once complete, the wind Farm will generate enough power for about 400,000 homes.Vineyard Wind will install up to 84 turbines to about 12-15 south of …

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Offshore Wind Sportfishing

Red-Headed Stepchild

Is the “For-Hire” Fishing industry the Red-Headed Stepchild Stakeholder of the North East US Continental Shelf? They generate Billions of Dollars of Revenue, They support Tens of Thousands of Jobs and yet they have no voice when it comes to the development of Offshore Wind. Why are they being completely ignored and scoffed at?Why is it …

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