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IPF 2022 Convention Was a HUGE Success for Offshore Wind Farm Support

Kudos To The Business Network for Offshore Wind and Thank You for Hosting a Fabulous Event at the Atlantic City Convention Center on April 26th,2022

As new members to Business Network for Offshore Wind, I want to take a minute to thank the team from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work they did to produce such a Fabulous Event!

This “Thank You” post is delayed by over 2 weeks due to several connections that were made at the event and my ability to continue travel plans to accommodate current and  continued conversations from the IPF event, all very helpful!

Myself and my business co-owner wife, Troya, had no intentions of becoming members we just wanted to attend the event.  However, after talking with Membership about the benefits we decided to take the plunge, jump in with cannonball enthusiasm, and become members. Then, while in the phone with membership, we took it one step further and rented a 10 x 10 booth so we could exhibit and promote our services.

It Was The Single Best Decision We Made For Our Business Since Inception!

IPF Booth

10’x10′ Exhibitor Booth.
Notice all of the testimonials from past and present clients we had on display.
Our entire team prides itself on delivering professional and outstanding service.

Our business model is Boots On The GroundServices for Offshore Wind, and we are happy to report there is a large and growing demand for our services!

  • Over many years I have personally traveled all over the country exhibiting at outdoor sport-fishing shows promoting one part of the family fishing business and have attended numerous commercial fishing conventions in Boston and Seattle, and workboat events in New Orleans.  In every instance, the return on the investment was 8 to 1. This one will be way more than that.

To those who may not know, the great thing about those events is you never know how the market really is, until you shake hands with other industry shapers at the group gatherings. And… you never really know how it will affect your business.

Besides meeting new people, in person, promoting our services to them, we had the opportunity to put a face to the voices and actually meeting the people we have actually been doing business together with us by phone email and on a zoom call as well!

The high tech and high touch approach at the IPF event really catapulted our business forward.

While modern technology was good enough in the short term, (Covid related), nothing can actually compare to meeting a person face-to-face and shaking hands. A personal conversation even if only for a few minutes is much more effective than a Zoom call or an email!

Needless to say, we have already reserved our booth for the next event in Baltimore!

Now for the best part-at the show we shook hands with three individuals representing three different Wind Farm developers and six different wind farms all over the United States, that will add somewhere 10 and 20 individuals to our business.  These new hires will be fisherman to work as Fisheries Liaisons Officers (FLO’s) for Offshore Wind survey vessels in the very near future.

Wow! 10-20 jobs may not sound like much but it’s huge because the jobs will be held by local fisherman and talent coming from the coastal wind farm areas being developed!

I was shocked how many people (about 3 dozen), from all over the world, came up to me at the event to say hello and tell me that they read my blogs I and follow me on LinkedIn!

Paul Forsberg –

Google says this blog has thousands of readers presently, and I was skeptical to say the least, well not anymore! 

So…coming from the bottom of my heart, I am humbled and honored and believe there really are thousands of eyeballs looking at our blog for Offshore Wind Farm Support!! THANK YOU for your support and kind words!

If you’re reading this post and have information you would like to share with the Offshore Wind community, feel free to reach out. We can do a video or voice interview, have it transcribed and I’ll post it for the community .

In closing, if you want to be in the Offshore Wind Energy business and have been sitting on the fence pondering about joining or attending an IPF event, I urge you to get off the fence and jump in like we did, with cannonball enthusiasm! It will be one of the best Business Investments you will ever make and who knows. . . maybe we can do a little business together!

# # # #

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About Offshore Wind Farm Support

Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC is an American, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)

It is our intent to create a simple, efficient, non-intimidating access for local fishermen to pursue an Offshore Wind Careers.  This includes, offering ways to get involved, at many levels, in the early stages of Offshore Wind Industry on the Eastern seaboard. We will support onshore services as well as offshore positions, to better support livelihoods that may have changed during the last few years as renewable energy has taken a place in the country.