Can Offshore Wind Help Save Struggling Fishermen & Communities?

Can you believe whats happening with Oil Prices? Complete Insanity driven by clueless idiots in control. I completely understand the desire to lessen the carbon footprint of the world, but NOT by collapsing the entire world while doing it!

This complete insanity needs to stop and common sense needs to replace clueless ideology. Do you have any idea how badly $6.00-$8.00 plus per gallon diesel is going to do to the Farmers and Fishermen who feed this country?

In my home town of Montauk, diesel fuel is currently over $6.50 per gallon for commercial fishing boats, forcing fishermen to stay tied to the dock. Montauk is a small fishing village that produces millions of pounds of fish each year that feeds America.
My God Man! This is not going to end well for tens of millions of small businesses in the USA and if you put the fishermen and farmers out of business, people are going to STARVE TO DEATH.

It’s bad enough fishermen have been struggling to make ends meet. Don’t believe me? Take a drive down to a commercial fishing dock and “look” around. (if you can find one – they too are struggling). Look at the cars and trucks. You won’t see any new models, and the docks themselves are rather run down. This artificial fuel shortage driven by ideology will collapse them forever.

Fishermen are facing hard times with government regulations and big (mostly foreign) companies coming in a gobbling up permits at obscene prices. Add to it this ridiculous self-inflicted fuel shortage, Offshore Wind might be able to provide enough of a boost to struggling fishermen & communities until common sense once again prevails in the world. That is, if we don’t all starve to death while waiting.

The Offshore Wind in America is Exploding.

The Offshore Wind Industry in the US is growing like crazy with more and more projects being added up and down the Coasts … all 3 of them. The West Coast has a few projects about ready to be released, and the Gulf of Mexico is right around the corner). Reports in 2019 were estimating over 40,000 New Jobs were to be created by 2030. As of today, Offshore Wind Leases have increased by 50% so easy math says that should add up to 60,000 and currently there is a shortage of experienced mariners.

HUGE Opportunity for Fishermen to Make Lemonade Out of Lemons By Getting Involved In Offshore Wind.


It’s quite obvious that the United States will not have an adequately trained workforce of “Watermen” capable to support offshore wind farm development, construction, and maintenance, and this will provide a whole new world of opportunities for struggling fishermen and fishing communities.

As with anything, new opportunities come with new challenges and one of the biggest challenges is attracting, training and placing people in the proper positions. Because of this, we have been working overtime to address this issue and will be publicly launching a “Matchmaking For Mariners” website called

if you’d like to know more contact us at 877-207-8652 and learn more about how you, or someone you know can get involved on this “Ground Floor” opportunity, Click Here.

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About Offshore Wind Farm Support

Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC is an American, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing both “Boots on the Ground Services” and remote support to Offshore Wind / Personnel / Logistical Services / Supply Chain Management ~ Hiring and Training Local Content

It is our intent to create a simple, efficient, non-intimidating access for local fishermen and their communities if they desire to be part of this energy industry.   This includes, offering ways to get involved, at many levels, in the early stages of Offshore Wind Industry on the Eastern seaboard. We will support onshore services as well as offshore positions, to better support livelihoods that may have changed during the last few years as renewable energy has taken a place in the country.

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