Public Perception Catastrophe For Offshore Wind Is Heading This Way

I Hate To Say “I Told You So” but for the better part of two years I’ve consistently brought up this topic to Offshore Wind Developers, and the imperative to use US vessels and personnel, for Offshore survey work.

I have penned numerous blog topics about this issue. Countless hours of telephone conversations have been logged with multiple people, working for developers, to take heed of the perils in ignore this topic. I participated in more than a few, on topic Zoom presentations to interested parties, at THEIR request, seeking more information.

My detailed white paper also explained how, where and why hiring local personnel is best practices and adhering to law. I practically begged the Developers to let me assist them in locating and negotiating for US vessels and US personnel, suitable to perform survey operations.

Many may think I am a little ‘too’ stuck on the Jones Act dot, and perhaps have even waved me off or thought “It can’t affect me (my company)!” This is where I believe the small splinter has become an infected pocket of pus!

The 2 Most Common Comments Were:

  1. The developers have nothing to do with survey vessels. They order the data from survey companies and the survey companies handle the rest of it.
  2. The US doesn’t have the vessels to perform the work and one guy actually had the gall to tell me the American Survey Crews don’t have the ability to properly collect data and that American Captains weren’t capable of running a survey vessel within the parameters required.

When he said that, I came out of my chair faster than a cat getting cold water poured on it. Standing straight up with the hairs on my back at full attention. After taking a long deep breath, and with as much calmness as I could muster, I replied: “Any fishermen in the US who has spent more than a week behind the wheel of fishing boat could run a survey line standing on one foot, one hand tied behind his back and patch over one eye!”

None Of The Developers Listened And Now Look at What’s Coming.
A Public Perception for Offshore Wind Catastrophe.

Some think just because US President Biden supports Offshore Wind that it’s going to be easy moving forward? That’s laughable. It matters not, who is in the White House!

The 2022 election cycle is right around the corner and I’m willing to bet more than a few politicians are going to grab the bull by the horns and make life difficult for Offshore Wind, due to it being new to the US’s green initiatives AND the industry being populated by foreign entities.

I told you it was coming – and all I heard was crickets!

I PRACTICALLY BEGGED EVERY ONE OF YOU TO LET ME HELP YOU LOCATE U.S. BOATS AND U.S. CREWS TO PERFORM THE WORK. I EVEN OFFERED MY SERVICES FOR FREE because I want to see Offshore Wind become a reality and want to put our local fishermen who are struggling BACK to work!

  • What are you going to do when Tucker Carlson of Fox News gets hold of this? He has the #1 watched TV show in America and doesn’t support Offshore Wind one iota. This is going to be “Red-Meat” for him.
  • What are you going to do when CNN runs a story?
  • What are you going to do when ABC and NBC or CBS come calling for an interview with one of their investigative reporters?
  • How about James O’Keefe of Project Veritas?


How To Get Out Ahead Of The Public Perception For Offshore Wind Catastrophe and Fix It Before It’s Too Late:

I have been working with a group of marine professionals and Offshore Wind Supporters who have formed a consortium to provide services to the Offshore Wind industry ~ Before, During and After Construction.

We Have:

  • US Based International survey companies fully capable of data collection.
  • Docks up and down the eastern seaboard from Nova Scotia to Norfolk VA and multiple places in between. All ready, willing and capable of handling any size boat for construction and maintenance purposes going forward.
  • Hundreds of boats ranging from 19′ outboards up to 350′ ships with 1,000 ton cranes on back decks! (And just about everything else, in between!)
  • Logistical and Supply Chain Management Services.
  • No One can give you “Local Content” like we can.

I implore the developers to continue to use your accustomed engineering firms. All they need to do is to use US vessels and US crews.

To NOT take heed of this now, would create a Public Perception Catastrophe for Offshore Wind. Current headwinds might become Gail Force in strength and end up costing a lot more than you think.

I have referenced the Workboat Article below for review. This can be addressed and remedied, before it’s too late.


Here is a screen clip from a LinkedIn post.

OMSA (Offshore Marine Services Association) is announcing the launch of the JONES ACT ENFORCER, a first-of-its-kind vessel that will be used to gather video and photographic evidence of Jones Act violations. Evidence of violations will be submitted to authorities, made public, and shared with the media.

“The Act is not being implemented in a manner that is correct under the law and as a result, American security is being threatened and American workers are losing jobs to foreign vessels,” said Aaron Smith, OMSA President and CEO. “It’s time that someone takes a stand and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

The JONES ACT ENFORCER will document how foreign flag vessels continue to violate U.S. law by transporting merchandise between points in the U.S., utilizing their significantly lower crewing costs to undercut American vessels and American workers.
“Now, we’re going to shine a bright spotlight on their actions and show everyone just how many foreign mariners are taking money out of U.S. mariners’ pockets. If foreign vessel owners or the companies that hire these vessels don’t like this scrutiny, I suggest they hire U.S. owned, U.S. crewed, and U.S. built vessels.”

Want my help now? I can help you fix it before its too late –

I have a LARGE network of boats, crews, docks, technicians, survey crews and everything else at the ready.

Call me!

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