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A “Common Sense” Simple Solution

”Common Sense” Simple Solution That Could “Change The Game” For Offshore Wind Acceptance Among Fishermen And Other Stakeholders

I am literally STUNNED that this hasn’t been done already!

Years of work – TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars invested and not a single, solitary dime invested in the simplest, most effective communication method in the world! VIDEO!!

There are thousands of Offshore Windmills all over the world and I can’t find one VIDEO online or anywhere else, documenting the benefits to the local fishing community. Why is that?

  • Not One VIDEO of people catching fish on or around them?
    There is one that doesn’t come close to qualifying.
  • Not One VIDEO of people Scuba diving on or around them?
    There is one that doesn’t come close to qualifying.
  • Not One VIDEO of commercial fishermen fishing around them?
  • Not One VIDEO interview of people from the waterfront areas who benefit from them?? (There is one that doesn’t come close to qualifying.

Are You Kidding Me????
Nope … not one!

Recently one of the largest developers announced the installation of their 1,500th turbine for crying out loud, and still not ONE video?

Is this a huge marketing oversight, or is there some deep dark secret hiding in the shadows somewhere? Why not be transparent about it? Why not be jubilant and over the top, effusively optimistic?! The Public Has A Right To Know.

Make no mistake – as we look to the future, the world has got to turn the page from depending on petroleum products and dirty air to renewable resources and clean air.

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if the people in the surrounding areas of Wind Farms, wholeheartedly support it, and could verify (“See”) the benefits of this emerging trend worldwide?!

Here’s the problem explained in about 120 words; I was recently talking about Offshore Wind with an old fishing friend. Although we are about 6 years apart, we pretty much grew up together around the waterfront. He is a stand-up member of the community, raised a great family, has a nice business and he and his son work together. A dream come true lifestyle for a fishermen. Raise the family and let the next generation take over. The true American Dream.

While he is not a Windfarm hater, he certainly isn’t a supporter either and his apprehension during our discussion was very evident. His son is coming up in the business and he is very concerned with the future of the fishing industry.

His main objection during our entire conversation about Offshore Wind was; “the science isn’t there; show me the evidence. And I couldn’t.

So, he, like over 80% of the population is a Visual Learner and no amount of “words” are going to change his mind.  You realize a few “real-life” videos could change that in about 15 minutes right?

The Science Is There – sitting on the other side of the pond in other coastal communities. Offshore Wind Farms in operation right this minute with evidence of the future just waiting to be quantified.

When you come right down to it, video is the most powerful approach there is to communicate and learn. (Why do you think YouTube is the second most widely used search engine in the world?

Do you remember the movie “Show Me The Money” staring Tom Cruz?
He played a sports promoter down on his luck with one client who constantly repeated “Show Me The Money”

Video of Offshore Wind Farms will:

  • “Show Me The Evidence”
  • “Show Me The Fish”
  • “Show Me The ENERGY””

People are simple – we all communicate and learn the same way. VISUALLY!

Words only account for 7% of communication and the rest comes from the sounds we hear and pictures we see.

Why are the wind developers only using 7% of communication?

  • Videos of existing Offshore Turbines will go a long way in providing irrefutable proof of the results.
  • Videos will show the future of what is coming to America, if they are built.
  • Video Testimonials of real live people will provide irrefutable, emotional proof of the benefits of the windmills, which will counter the NIMBY people.

I said it earlier in this article and it deserves repeating: “Unless there is some deep dark secret being hidden in the shadows somewhere, it’s better to be transparent. The Public Has A Right To Know.

We’re talking about people’s lives, their professions and their identities!

So What’s The Most Logical Next Step?

Offshore Wind USA needs to get together AS AN INDUSTRY and hire someone like me to do it. An Advocate, an Ombudsman and Good Will Ambassador all in one! (Let me form an advocacy group of like-minded people from the different stakeholders and use groups.

I have the Knowledge, The Will and Desire to do it
and know exactly what needs to be done.

I’m just a regular guy who is not afraid of the camera and know how to deliver a message. Credible images, videos and testimonials need to be done as a grass roots effort. Similar to reality TV but done by real people who can “connect” with the people in the audience.

I’ll invite a few fishermen from different stakeholder groups and fish a few locations, interview other fishermen and talk with people actually ‘working’ the wind farms.

Getting widespread stakeholder support will more than pay for itself!

We can make it a smaller industry YouTube series and share it all over social media. At at the end, we give the clips to an editing crew and let them make a more polished 6 minute infomercial to be presented at town board planning meetings and permitting offices, other ancillary local ‘town halls’, and anyplace else.

6 minutes of Video can accomplish more than a 30 minute
power-point presentation any day of the week.

Think about it for a minute:

  • There are those who say: “Offshore Wind will ruin fishing” – well, video of other wind farms around the world will address that. A few local residents can attest to that!
  • There are those who say: “Offshore Wind will change migratory patterns of shellfish” well video of other wind farms around the world will address that. Is that for real?
  • There are those who say: “Offshore Wind will interrupt shipping” – well video of other wind farms around the world will address that as well. They are adamantly out of the way of shipping lanes, by design.
  • And there are those who say: “Offshore Wind will ruin waterfront communities.” Again, video of those communities will address that too.

The Irrefutable Proof is Out There
It Defies Logic Why This Has Not Been DOCUMENTED

There are only 3 Big players in the Offshore Wind Development Business. Let’s talk Good Will Ambassadorships! Easy enough to do!

We are at one of those defining moments in history.
The Era of Commercial Fishing in steep decline – just like in 1917 when the Era of the Cattle Baron was over.

Waterfront fishing communities are at the brink of collapse, the fishing industry is in turmoil, and freedoms and the lifestyle of being a Mariner is being threatened like never before.

There is a fresh breeze blowing across coastal communities and change is happening! Offshore Wind can be a positive in this change! It is our chance to keep to the 21st century and beyond AND keep an American Promise ALIVE.

In order to succeed, let’s discipline ourselves to consistently think long term. Where we are, where we are going, what we want to accomplish, and develop a plan.

  • A plan for our children
  • A plan for our grand children
  • A plan for the future generations

Offshore Wind IS The Next Chapter in The American STORY- Let’s Write It Together !

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