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The Coming Offshore Wind Jobs Tsunami Explained – Even a Caveman Can Understand It.

Recently I found myself in a group of people talking about Offshore Wind Jobs. They were peppering me with questions about the process, how long it was taking and really hammering me about Offshore Wind jobs. The main question being “when are these supposed offshore wind jobs going to show up.”

To this day I have no idea how or why this explanation came out of me but my mouth engaged before my brain and much to my surprise, it was a hugely successful explanation that everyone immediately understood. Heck – it even become more clear to me so I ran home and put together a shore video explanation.

So, without further ado, watch this 6.5 minute video and allow me to switch the light bulb on for you.

Picture This:

You want to build a house for you and your family and decide on a nice piece of land. 

You go to contract on the land and hire a surveyor to visit the property and pin the corners, identify the lot lines and stake out the proposed location for the house. 

A short time later the surveyor shows up with a truck or two and they survey the property. The process has started – a house is coming but the jobs aren’t there yet. No Traffic, No Trucks, No Action. Just one or two people visiting the property un-noticed.

Now comes the second phase. You get the building permit and bank financing which allows you to happily call the builder.

The builder then calls the lot clearing and preparation folks and they show up with a couple chain saws and a bush-hog to clear the land accordingly.

Up until this point, there is very little action and very few people are put to work.

However, that’s about to change in a big way because this is when the actual work begins. 

  • Tree cutters show with a Bush-hog, a 
  • Bulldozer, with its operator, comes to clear the lot, cut the driveway, and dig the hole for the foundation.

Now the project is under way and Offshore Wind Jobs are coming, but not quite as many just yet. Two maybe three trucks, four maybe five workers and no traffic to speak of.

Next comes the foundation crew and the mason show up with one or two trucks and a crew of 5 or 6 people. They work for a week or two and go away.
Still no perceptible increase in traffic.

Next the bulldozer returns to back fill the foundation and fix the ruts in the front yard and drive way the cement truck made when they poured the foundation. One maybe two trucks, 3 or 4 workers and again, no traffic to speak of. 

Guess what happens next ….. 

The place turns onto a madhouse. Construction begins and everyone shows up at once. Suddenly cars, trucks and trailers are all over the place !

  • Framers with 3 trucks and 8 workers
  • Siders with 2 trucks and 4 workers
  • Roofers with 2 trucks and 6 workers
  • Plumbers and electricians, trench diggers, well drillers, land capers and Insulation companies, sheet-rockers, painter’s and everyone else.
  • They all show up with workers piling out of the trucks. 

The place turns into a madhouse with people coming, going and tripping over one and other for a couple months with cars, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment and more.

Now imagine for a minute building a multi home subdivision or a large apartment building, going on the same basic schedule of events with 5 to 10 buildings started at the same time or in rapid succession. We’re talking 50 – 60 trucks and 100 or more people all converging at the same time and the project might go on for a year or more.

Can you see it? Yea – I thought so and THAT my friend, is what is about to happen in the Offshore Wind Business.

Wait a minute …. before we go any further I want to point out one more thing ….. when building a house or a subdivision, the workers drive on roads to get to the job. They can’t drive to an Offshore Wind Farm so there is going to be an enormous demand for parking lots to park trucks, marinas to load and unload the boats, and of course, boats to take people to work!

NOW Do You See The Opportunity?

The survey crews for the Offshore Wind Farms are moving along, and by about next summer the ‘bulldozers and masons’ will be arriving! As long as, the current permits are approved and timeframes are adhered to for the structures to be built, the wind farms will be opening up and there will be more demand for boats jobs than there will be boats and people to fill them.

My prediction is this:

  • 2021 there will be a small increase in job growth, and by 
  • 2022 construction will begin and there will be man more jobs available.
  • 2023 and beyond, It’s Going To Get Crazy Busy!

To learn more and get involved in this upcoming “High-Paying Job Tsunami” Contact Us Today so you can learn more.

2 thoughts on “The Coming Offshore Wind Jobs Tsunami Explained – Even a Caveman Can Understand It.”

  1. Hi Paul, I like your caveman explanation it makes it easy for someone who doesn’t know the coming industry… Good Job

    Capt. Buck

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