Lobsters Love Offshore Wind

REVEALED! Lobsters Love Offshore Wind Farms!

The Worlds Largest Offshore Wind Developer Recently Revealed the results of a  Six Year Study of lobster fishing at the Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm in the North Sea.

Lobsters and Wind Farms Can Live Together in Harmony!

This is Magnificent News. I just hope the fishermen and fishing communities believe it because the study was done by a research company who used their own boat and gear which makes no sense.

  • WHY IN THE WORLD did the research company use their own boat and gear? 
  • WHY IN THE WORLD didn’t they use actual fishermen with observers onboard?

For as long as I can remember, fishermen all over the world have been on the short end of the research stick for fisheries research and for reasons I’m not going to get into here, fishermen have a really hard time believing or trusting any data or research that they themselves or other fishermen have not been part of collection process. 

Make No Mistake – The Report Is Wonderful News
And I Applaud Them for Undertaking Such a Project.

However, the report lacks AUTHENTICITY with actual fishermen gathering the data.

I wrote about this in a blog a few months ago titled:
”Common Sense” Simple Solution That Could “Change The Game” For Offshore Wind Acceptance Among Fishermen And Other Stakeholders. https://offshorewfs.com/common-sense-simple-solution/

Politics and marketing are all about video clips, subtitles and soundbites. If there were clips and soundbites of fishermen actually working the gear, the report would provide authentic proof and be more believable to the fishermen.

KUDOS to Them For Doing The Study ……
Click The Picture or The Link Below to Read The Article.


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